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Enjoy The Little Things by Zayoon

I really do enjoy this photo, and think it is a nice addition to your portfolio, but I can see that you as a photographer you have a good deal of technical skill, so please understand that I judged your submission at a higher standard than the novice photographer. That said my critique is as follows.

Below is the rationale behind my rating:

While I like how the photo came out, I think that the picture, while staged, seems candid. A duel sword which adds to the relate-ability of the photo but draws from the end production quality.

Following what I previously mentioned, I think that the photo seems too off-the-cuff and opportunistic. This photo is particularly well taken, but I feel this could be lost within the pantheon of macro captures.

I don't feel this particular shot could have been better executed. I really like how the flower is perfectly focused. The play with the depth of field works really nicely. I think the shapes and colors reflected the emotion in this piece.

The endearing quality of this photo is undeniable. The soft colors and focus really give a great deal of credit to your abilities. I'd really love to see this as a piece of a collective image(multiple photos composed as one image).

Thanks for sharing a great photo with the DA community.
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