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Rocks Of Maine by raistlin306

I think this is a really excellently captured shot. Reading the comment, I can see that you have a great affinity for this location, and it reflects in your photo. I think you took a great memento of your time there, and thank you for sharing it on DA.

Below is the rationale behind my rating:

I love the reach and how the expanse the horizon and adds to the power of the water. The texture and lines draw the to a vanishing focal point. I think that you could have used a more extreme angle to to exaggerate the rocks and ocean, but its still wonderfully composed.

I think the balance of nature in this is very bold. I think its awesome how you capture the essential elements and gave them their proper credit. I only deducted points from the rating because of the what appears to be normal human height perspective. I think if you moved up or down a bit could have brought a greater dimension to the photo.

I think what caught my eye first was amazing lines in the craggy coast. You picked a great spot to shoot because the rock's detail compliment the entire picture. My only criticisms is that while the trees are a cool add, I think the rocks and coast alone would have made a aggressive and remarkable shot. The sky is this shot is my only distraction. Its not blown out which is good, but the colors don't give the rest of the pic justice. I think even if you just de-saturated the sky, it would be incredible. (Even a black and white would be really nice)

The composition is what really sold me on this picture. The horizon, rocks and water are harmonious. Solid use of Thirds, and I dig the asymmetry of the rocks and the leading edge of the coast.

Great photo, can't wait to see more in the future.
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